Business and Marketing

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What is Business and Marketing?

It is a discipline that deals with sales operations and management of products and services in organizations, commercial businesses, institutions, government, and individual aspects.

Employment Opportunities in:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Commercial Banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Planning
  • Market Research
  • Operations Management
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Retail

Available Majors

Actuarial Science
Applied Management
Business Management
Business Administration
Business and Public Policy
Business Studies
Company Law
Commercial Property Management
Corporate Law
Data Management
Global Business Analysis
Event Management
Hotel Management
Human Resource Management
Information Systems Management
Insurance and Risk Management
International Business
International Trade and Business
Internet Commerce
Internet Marketing
Legal Studies
Marketing and Communication
Multinational Management
Operations Management
Organizational Effectiveness
Project Management
Property Development
Property Management
Public Management
Public Relations
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Management
Realty Development
Realty Management
Residential Property Management
Resource Management
Retail Management
Sales and Marketing
Sports Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Science
Technology Management
Transportation Management
Tourism and Hotel Management
Tourism and Event Management
Tourism Management

How Much Does It Cost?

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Recent surveys show that a significant amount of time is dedicated each day by most employees to their career development. In order to establish why this is taking place and whether it’s beneficial or not we must ask ourselves what can be defined as career development and what does it provide us with? Globalization has ensured that virtually every industry is connected to each other, be it in a direct or indirect manner. These connections ensure stability in case a crisis situation emerges in either one of them by several means: dealing with some of the causes that hasled to thecrisis to begin with, but also participating in the mitigation of the effect.

Mitigating the downfall

One essential aspect of mitigating a financial disaster is to ensure continuity and there are a few manners in which one can do this. The one that concerns us is the ability to easily shift from a current industry to a different one should this be favorable to your career path. Such a movement does not only require you to be an adaptable individual, but also have an in-depth perspective about what’s going on around you.

At some point or another, your company or even the entire industry might be showing signs of heading towards a negative growth period. If this is the case, than you can easily mitigate the damage it can have to your own career and finances by switching to a field that has a sustained growth rhythm.

In this fashion, there is a natural mechanism which prevents a major catastrophe from occurring – instead of more investment, people are cautious about the future of that specific organization and focus their efforts where they are supposed to.

Career development is crucial


 However, we mustn’t get too ahead of ourselves. Such career movements require a lot of finesse, planning and career development before they can be done successfully. One wrong move and you can end up in an even worse situation than your initial one. After all, you don’t want to exchange the security of a job for the possibility of unemployment.

Career development prepares you for these sticky situations. Effectively knowing what’s going to happen in your organization in the next years is one side of the matter, the other being your ability to make a career move for the better. In the latter case, nothing is more precious than an accredited college degree. Such a certificate does not only guarantee that you have an educational background to meet the requirements of the position you’re aiming for, but also that you are still willing to improve yourself as a professional and gain more knowledge.

A permanent improvement for your CV


Sometimes it turns out that it’s a false alarm and that it’s best you do not make any rash decisions. Nonetheless, an accredited college degree is going to be a permanent boost for your resume and, thus, for your career development. If you’re considering getting another accredited diploma, then your career prospects stand do be improved even more, whereas your colleagues and employers might be surprised that you are willing to undergo such a project in order to better yourself.

It would not be a surprise if the opportunity for a promotion would rise as consequence of your career development decision to obtain an accredited college degree.


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