Can You Get a Ph.D. Without a Masters? The Answer is Yes!

Can You Get a Ph.D. Without a Masters? The Answer is Yes!

Can You Get a Ph.D. Without a Masters?

The education system all over the world is such that, you have to go up the education ladder step-by-step without skipping any level. Many people ask themselves the question can you get a Ph.D. without a masters. This may be impossible with the traditional education system where one has to have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree then further with a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) or Doctorate. However, different universities have different requirements. Some of them admit students with a bachelor’s degree but the master’s course work is integrated into the doctorate course.

How you Can Get the Ph.D. Without A Master’s Degree

The shortcut in enrolling for a Ph.D. without a master’s degree lies in buying the master’s degree. This is one instance where our product of online real degrees helps people to advance in their education. Attending a traditional university for a master’s degree is as expensive as it is time-consuming. The course work and thesis for masters students are so involving and prove to be a challenge to many students. Therefore, there is a great relief in buying the qualification so that you can go ahead with your Ph.D. program without any academic complications.

Another option is to buy both masters and Ph.D. qualifications. We offer them at very affordable rates. The good news is that our online degrees are real, legal and verifiable from accredited universities from all countries of the world. You can go through campus if you want and don’t mind the expenses or you can still get the degrees from us at comparatively cheaper cost. This can be as fast as you want it to be since within just four days from when you place an order, we can be able to provide the degrees you want.

You must be excited because not all websites can be able to provide two, three or four degrees at a time. We have the capacity to meet all your education qualification needs within a short notice.

What is The Role of a Master’s Degree?

When you have a master’s degree, it is an indication that you have the research skills required in conducting Ph.D. program research. This is why some institutions fail to encourage moving straight from bachelor’s degree to Ph.D. However, most individuals who want to earn the Ph.D. degree have gained great research skills through work experience. On-the-job training is way more effective compared to academic training and that is why we do not hesitate to offer master’s degree to deserving individuals because we understand that they have what matters most which is experience.

Are you an expert in your field and you need to have a qualification certificate? If yes you need a Ph.D. You can get one from us even without having a Master’s degree. A master’s degree takes two years while a doctoral one takes six years. When you buy a real Ph.D., you save around six years. There is a lot you could do with the spare time to add more value to your life.

From the explanation above, the answer to the question can you get a Ph.D. without a masters is a yes. Make an informed decision today.