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How Much Does It Cost?

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The first thing that comes to mind when hearing University degrees is not necessarily connected to how much money they can earn for you, but rather what it takes in order to get one. In most countries around the world, including the US, it takes at least 4 years to get a college diploma. This is the official marker, but surveys indicate that the average time necessary to actually graduate goes beyond the 4 years borderline. Consequently, the majority of learners have difficulties in passing their exams on time, which later turns into an even bigger waste of time.

So how can University degrees still be profitable?

The key is how you obtain your college degree, rather than what you do after. Indeed, those who possess at least a BA are warranted to have an income that is 66% bigger than people with high-school diplomas only. These statistics are merely an average extrapolated from data currently available on the market, meaning that you can have an annual income that’s even 100% bigger than you’d otherwise have without your degree.

Instead of wasting 4, 5 or even more years of your life trying to graduate from a traditional higher education institution, you may want to consider buying your university degree. Just think of what you can do with all of that time on your hands – the world of today accelerates our daily rhythm to a velocity we can’t even keep up with anymore, rendering time the most sought after commodity.

One of the most intelligent manners in which you can use both the time and money you save by buying your degree is getting ahead of the competition. 

Become one of the most hunted professionals in your industry


Head-hunting is not a novelty, as multinational corporations allocate tremendous amounts of their budget in order to secure those skilled workers pitting their creativity, involvement and motivation against their own business. With your newly obtained University degree you can apply for an interview at a medium sized company. For this objective you mustn’t aim too high, as your first position should get you acquainted with the requirements, demands and provide you with a general “feel” of the career that’s going to shape your life.

After a couple of years, you can start thinking bigger. In the meanwhile, you don’t have to stand still. Starting a few initiatives of your own, even if they are small websites, blogs or indie/freelancing programs,is going to make the differenceon your CV when going for the big names.

Starting your career with the right foot

 No other applicant will be able to pit their degree against your resume. With a college degree, at least 2 or 3 years of experience as well as a couple of individual projects, your interview is already passed. It’s not a novelty that graduates from prestigious Universities all over the world have been turned down or offered lesser positions in order to favor those who are intimately familiar with the position they are about to be put into.

Adaptability is a crucial factor in today’s world economy and one develops this ability only by learning from personal experience as well as that of those around them. More often than not, a highly flexible worker is going to maintain a job at the end of the day in front of a very specialized, but rigid one.


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