Beware of Fake Transcripts | Buy Original Degrees from Us

Beware of Fake Transcripts | Buy Original Degrees from Us

Beware of Fake Transcripts

Fake Transcripts are a thing among other website. Nobody would ever work hard for years to obtain a degree; only to find that a fake transcript has been provided along with it. A fake transcript will even prove that your degree is a fake one. Would you ever let that happen to you?

We’re quite sure that you don’t want that happening to you. That’s why instead of falling for the fake diploma mills out there that provide fake transcripts, we request you try out our services at least once. We are a legally established company that provides only hundred percent real, authentic and legalized degrees. It also means that our transcripts are also hundred percent real, authentic and accredited from a reputed college.


About Us

We have been operating for more than two decades in this industry. We have immense experience in providing authentic and genuine degrees to our students, unlike other companies who provide only fake degrees. If you’re wondering: “How to buy a college degree?” or “How to buy a degree from an accredited college?” then you’ve come to the right place as our company holds the solution to your problem.

We’ve been operating our business for more than twenty years in brick and mortar; it’s only recently that we moved to the online world to widen our reach. We can proudly say that our experience in providing real degrees and transcripts makes us second to none in this industry.



About Our Services

We provide real degrees along with transcripts, authorization letters, and a thesis/dissertation. All of these documents are notarized by professional lawyers and recognized by embassies worldwide. We have a plethora of majors that you can choose from to obtain your degree in. Once you’ve chosen your major, you can sit back and relax with full assurance that you’ll be provided with a real degree and transcripts.

Our services were established to answer the most frequently asked questions: “How to buy a college degree?” or “How to buy a degree from an accredited college?” We’ve always provided our degrees from a reputed university—with more than a hundred years of history—to all our customers along with transcripts, thesis/dissertation, and other relevant supporting documents.

The Supporting Documents and Other Products

Most fake diploma mills out there on the internet are scammers. They try to catch hold of innocent customers who barely know anything about the legal process of obtaining a valid degree. Therefore, they charge a lesser amount of money to them and then provide the innocent students with high-quality printouts of fake degrees and transcripts.

Since we are legally established and operate legally, hence we provide the following supporting documents along with our degrees:

• Transcripts (containing the grades of every project submitted in every semester every year)

• Sealed Transcripts

• Student Records

• University Library ID Card

• Diploma Folder

• Official Student ID Card

• University Alumni Card

• Graduation Letter

• Apostille

• Notarization

• Embassy Legalization

Since you’ll be ordering the degree online, we’ve also arranged for a graduation gown, cap, and hood for you, available in our online store.

Majors (Discipline) & Thesis/Dissertation

We provide associate, bachelors, masters, doctorate, honorary doctorate, professorship, honorary professorship, higher diploma, and fellowship in the following majors/disciplines:

• Applied Science & Engineering

• Arts & Humanities

• Business Administration

• Education

• Fine Arts & Design

• Law

• Music

• Science

• Social Science

• Social Work

• …and much more…

Please contact us to get the entire list. It’s so big that all of it cannot be accommodated here.

We also have a thesis/dissertation writing service where you can get your thesis/dissertation written for a nominal fee. Our writers are professionals who know how to write and format a thesis/dissertation that’ll catch everyone’s eyes in the university. On your request, we can even send a copy of your thesis/dissertation to be submitted in the university library.

How to Order a Transcript

Now that you’re totally convinced that with our services, you’ll only get hundred percent real degrees and transcripts; you can go ahead and safely place an order with us. All you have to do is provide us with your preliminary details and then let us know about your preferences in majors/discipline, the degree you want, etc.

Final Thoughts

You certainly don’t want a fake transcript to back up your degree’s authenticity. You definitely want all the documents to be legal so that you can proudly take it anywhere on the planet and be proud of it. Only a real degree will elevate your status in society; not the one with a fake transcript.

We hope that your quest for: “How to buy a college degree?” and “How to buy a degree from an accredited college?” ends here. So, contact us as soon as possible and get a real degree with real transcripts that are notarized by professional lawyers and recognized by embassies as well. Let our experienced staff take care of all your degree needs, while you prepare yourself to negotiate a higher salary in a multi-national corporation.