Online Law Degree: How to Get One

Online Law Degree: How to Get One

The online platform has revolutionized the education system. Now, people can easily learn at their convenience, whenever and wherever they like. However, if you want to pursue a law degree, it can be difficult for you to find the right online program in the United States. This is because the American Bar Association (ABA) has yet to accredit schools that are fully offering online law degrees.

However, getting an online law degree is not impossible. There are a couple of handfuls of law schools that have ABA accreditation. Yet, do take note that the programs these remote faculties offer are hybrid classes. Meaning, personal attendance is still a must at some point.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an exclusively virtual learning experience, there are many universities on the web that will let you earn an online law degree. But, you cannot use these degrees to become eligible for bar exams in the US.

Thankfully, traditional schooling is not the only way you can get an accredited online law degree. For those who have experience in the legal industry or those who have pre-law degrees, you can instead opt to buy a law degree online.

How to get an online law degree

The American Bar Association has recently granted accreditation to eight universities to offer hybrid online law degree programs. This is a breakthrough in the industry, as the organization has long been uncompromising when it comes to the idea of providing remote learning for the discipline.

Now, aspiring lawyers can begin their academic journey with some kind of leniency. However, the strict coursework requirements remain the same, and it is still important for students to comply with these demands.

That said, here are the eight universities that are can offer accredited online law degrees:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. Mitchell Hamline School of Law
  3. University of Dayton
  4. University of New Hampshire
  5. Touro College
  6. Sturm College of Law
  7. School of Law at Loyola University Chicago
  8. Seton Hall Law School

To gain admission to these schools and earn an online law degree, you must first become an eligible law student. How? Essentially, you will need to have a pre-existing Bachelor’s degree, preferably related to the legal industry or social sciences. You will also need to have at least a 4.0 GPA. And most importantly, you must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), the law school counterpart of standardized tests, such as ACT and SAT.

When you have finally gained admission to one of these universities, expect a demanding set of academic responsibilities. Despite being a combination of online and physical learning, the standards are still the same. In order to graduate and get an accredited online law degree, you must maintain good academic standing. Meaning, you have to constantly perform well and earn a manageable and acceptable GPA and take upper-division courses.

Buying an online law degree

A law degree is one of the most challenging academic recognitions to get. Not everyone has the right mental strength and capacity to take on the rigorous process of getting a legal degree. That is why, despite also being the most sought after, not many are able to pursue a diploma in the field of law.

However, that does not mean that you should forget about reaching your dream career! You can still be an eligible bar taker and be a lawyer without going through law school. Such a goal can be easily achieved by buying an online law degree.

Is it safe to buy a law degree online? Yes, if you find the right website!

Finding a genuine degree seller in the virtual market is hard, especially when you are looking for an online law degree. Besides, there are thousands of websites that sell fake online law degrees. That is why you should follow the guidelines below to avoid being a victim of phony degree sellers.

Here is how you can buy an accredited online law degree:

Look partnership with real schools

The very crucial factor that makes a degree seller genuine is its partner universities. Hence, it is important for a degree seller’s website to disclose its list of school partners upfront. If no information is given, then the company is most likely bogus.

On that note, if you want to buy a law degree online, the partner university of your seller should have accreditation from ABA. If not, you are getting an unaccredited and fake law degree instead.

Do not fall for superficial prices

Many people choose to opt-out of school because getting a college degree, let alone a law degree, can be too expensive. However, that does not mean that you should settle for less. Cheap does not always mean better, and so does expensive degrees.

What you must look for is a practical and reasonable balance between costly and affordable. The price of your online law degree should be reasonable. Meaning, it should not be too cheap and should not be more than what you would pay for in an actual tuition fee.

Look for supporting documents

Like any other academic recognition, a law degree cannot stand alone. This is especially true if you are getting an online law degree as the certificate is subject to many doubts. That is why, when buying a degree online, whether in the field of law or not, you should also invest in supporting documents such as transcripts. These materials will strengthen the credibility of your diploma.

Due processes

Many people frown upon the idea of buying degrees online. That is why some institutions do random background checks on an individual’s degree. That is why, above anything else, a real degree seller must provide verification and legalization processes. Whether their degrees are accredited or not, having due processes mean that your academic recognition is valid.

Whether you choose to buy or traditionally earn your online law degree, it is essential only to get it from an accredited university by ABA. If your academic provider is not ABA-accredited, it is nearly impossible for you to practice law in the US.

Importance of accreditation in online law degrees

Those who wish to practice law in the United States must pass the country’s bar exam. However, if you are not a graduate of a school that has met the right educational standards for the discipline, you cannot be an eligible bar taker.

What does this mean? Simply put, you must have an accredited law degree to take the US bar exam in most states. In which most of the bar admission officials depend on the American Bar Association to define the standard of quality law education and accredited institutions offering law degrees.

Hence, only ABA-accredited online law degrees are acceptable credentials for taking bar exams in most US states. If your degree is not from an accredited institution, it would be hard to trust the kind of training you received, as well as your level of expertise.

Benefits of accredited online law degree

Having an accredited law degree offers more advantages aside from being an eligible bar taker and your key to being a full-fledged lawyer. Many people look up to professionals in the legal industry. That is why being a law school graduate is highly beneficial.

That said, here are some ways an accredited online degree can help in your career:

Raise your salary incentives

Did you know that those who have college degrees earn more than 30,000 USD than those who do not have a degree? Imagine how much you can earn more if you have a law degree! By having an accredited academic recognition in the legal industry, you warrant yourself to better income. This is because you graduated from a university that has met the standard of quality education. Meaning, your training is worthy.

Speed up your career growth

A law degree is also a good credential booster. If you are looking for ways to impress your current employer, why not buy a law degree online? They will see how dedicated you are in the work that you chose to invest in such a scholarly pursuit. Aside from that, people will trust your expertise more and give you higher-ranks in the company as they deem you more suitable for better responsibilities.

Increase your professional value

Degree holders have more professional credibility, which can also be applicable to you if you have an accredited law degree. And when you do, your value as a professional increase. You become a hard-to-replace member of the workforce. Thus, letting you have a more solid foundation for your career.

You can easily achieve success in any of your career goals when you have an online law degree at hand. And remember, the best and quickest way to get one is to buy it online from genuine third-degree providers. In which buying an online accredited law degree is the most practical means of getting academic recognition in the legal industry.