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Graduates who choose to pursue a PhD program after they finished at least one MA are seriously involved in a specific domain of activity. Doctoral studies are aimed at a small percentage of professionals that seek to be engaged in the most recent and controversial of research that pertains to one field or another. For this reason, getting your PhD can even take longer than it did for your BA. Still, the type of work is different and involves your contribution almost entirely. Traditional doctorate programs involve an initial assessment, a period of preliminary investigation in which you’re supposed to establish which direction you’re going to investigate and then, with the help of a tutor, you must come up with enough original information to fill a book.

Traditional vs. online PhD’s

You’ll hear a lot of small talk around the water cooler at work regarding the poor quality of online learning. Even a percentage of employers are bent on not changing their minds and disregarding any form of online degree. Nonetheless, recent surveys point out that the gap is closing in, as over 90% of the employers currently active in the business world take into consideration long-distance learning.

Why wouldn’t they? Higher education institutions that receive accreditation for traditional degree programs must do so for their online alternatives as well. If you have two educational structures approved by the same committee and functioning in roughly the same parameters, than it’s unwitting to ignore one just because it stands for a different kind of learning.

More importantly, doctoral research is in no way physically bound to an institution, which means that you do not have to follow any classical form of degree program in order to get your PhD.

PhD studying is personal research

Instead of meeting with your PhD committee and tutor face to face, you’ll do so through the Internet. That would be the biggest difference that a traditional PhD has against an online one. In light of these facts, there’s also an easier way to obtain this certificate, without having to dedicate 3 or 4 years of your life at the very least. Going through endless amounts of current studies, publishing papers in recognized journals, coming up with a research framework and writing an entire book on a niche topic, all amount up to an astounding sum-total of invested time and effort.

Instead, you can earn a doctorate degree the easy way. Websites and organizations have been providing this sort of service for engaged professionals for more than 12 years now. Fast, safe and smart, you are now able to earn a doctorate the degree in a matter of days, having the possibility to dedicate what you save up in terms of time and even money to spending time with your family or developing your career.

Getting a PhD that’s going to significantly improve your job

While continuing to work as usual, you are benefiting from the possibilities of online degrees. Slowly and steadily you can acquire some certificates to build up your resume and finish it off with the impressive title of Doctor. You are not even fully aware of how much weight this sort of degree carries once you’ve managed to obtain it.

Higher management is the very least you can get promoted to if you have a PhD. In just a couple of years, you can aim at that comfortable CEO chair, giving you the irreplaceable possibility of a comfortable retirement.


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