Landing jobs with a bachelor degree might be difficult

What is a professorship?

Simply said, a professorship is the position of professor. A professor is a faculty member of a university or college with the highest academic rank.

Why a professorship?

Working as teacher is not an easy job especially if you belong in a university or college. You have to read a lot of references to support your lectures. You also need to be highly qualified to earn the respect of the students. Once you have a professorship, it would be a great honor for yourself because it is of the highest rank in the faculty roll. Aside from that, buying a degree for professorship will help you also receive high salary and great opportunities in researches, symposia, and international travels.

How Much Does It Cost?

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The general consensus nowadays is that people go to University in order to secure a job once they graduate. Breaking down this popular belief, one notices that an association between higher education programs and work has unconsciously been created. While it is true that a college degree often brings more income than a high-school diploma, is it really that easy to land jobs with a bachelor degree? Recent surveys from targeted work force markets show that landing jobs with a bachelor degree might be a lot more difficult than it seems. Experts point out that it’s a case of easier said than done, as applicants usually have to undergo further specialization to become eligible.

Inflation of degrees


Borrowed from the world of economy, inflation in terms of educational demand is a very common factor in the global work force market of today. If you’ve been to an office manager interview, you know the experience of sitting next to 20 other applicants just as or better qualified than you are. Everyone’s getting a BA nowadays in the hope of not having much trouble landing a position after finishing University.

Another factor that contributes to this over-education of the labor is the common opinion. Statements like “a BA in Marketing is definitely worth it” guarantee that the benches of these faculties are never empty. What it does not guarantee is that you can actually put to good use that degree once your 4 years of college are long gone. Especially since there is such a varied pool of workers to choose from, it’s highly unlikely that you will pass an interview with just your BA.

Instead, you can follow the growth tendency of a specific industry before actually signing up with a degree program.

Employment trends


Career path tools, consultants and even raw data coming from businesses can provide you with solid arguments for which a degree in this domain is worth it. It’s almost 100% guaranteed that you’ll get a job with a polytechnic diploma or software engineer degree in the world of today, but with virtually every other domain it’s a risk.

One path that graduates have chosen is to further specialize themselves in an attempt to be more competitive. While this is a good solution, it does require that you spend more time and money in order to get a job. If you don’t have either of the two, than it’s not a viable option.  Understanding job requirements might also help you acquire the specific skill set that is demanded of such a worker, whereas the necessary qualification can be obtained through part-time or entry level employment during your studies.

Our contribution


Getting experience in the field or going through with a traditional MA or PhD program basically means you’re doubling up your initial bet, with very little guarantee that you’re going to win. Instead, you can consider the option of buying an online degree. Fast and safe, you can boost your CV instantly with a certificate that’s going to give you the edge over the competition.

Instead of one, you can have two or three college diplomas that stand to confirm your expertise along with how much you can contribute with to an actual team. With no outrageous risks or years of your life gone down the river, buying an accredited online degree is definitely going to help you land a good job.


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