Science Degrees

College graduate degrees pay-scale

What is Science?

It is a discipline that deals with scientific knowledge gained through a systematic study.

Employment opportunities by science degrees:

  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Education and training
  • Environmental Science
  • Health and Allied Fields
  • Natural Science Management
  • Research
  • Scientific and Technical Writer
  • Veterinary Medicine

Available Majors

Earth and Ocean Sciences
Microbiology and Immunology

How Much Does It Cost?

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Especially in the last decade, the reason for which students have chosen to attend the courses of a college or University is strongly related to the pay scale that degree holders benefit from. While it is quite possible to achieve the salary of a CEO without having to go to school for it, this does not happen very often – after all, a world filled with CEO’s would have no workers whatsoever. So what does one do in order to have a back-up plan in case the idea is not a hit? Secure a college graduate’s degree for your resume so that you don’t ever have to haggle for money.

What you have to do

 You don’t have to give up your dream or a current project that seems to be demanding, literally, all of your spare time. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are popular examples of people who have ignored the conventionality of traditional learning in order to lay the foundation for two of the biggest IT companies the world has ever known: Apple Inc. and Microsoft. Clearly it does not take a degree in order to make money, but if, for any reason, things don’t work out, then it’s best to have an emergency escape.

Because of the facilities that the Internet has provided educational strategies, now you can attend the courses of a higher degree program from the comfort of your home. Don’t spare one minute from your precious initiative, learning when it is most convenient and favorable for your schedule. The beauty of this is that you don’t even need to stay in one place – you can have all your courses on your iPhone.

The mobility and advantages are difficult to ignore 

For just a few hours a week you can obtain a genuine college degree once you graduate, without having to pay exorbitant taxes or give up years from your life. In addition, there are services specially designed to sell degrees that busy entrepreneurs might have urgency for.Are you up for an unexpected promotion or has there been an opening for the position you’ve always wanted? Buying an online degree is the fastest way to upgrade your CV so that you can make an impression on your superiors.

Most importantly, this type of alternative degree gives you back precious time that would otherwise be lost. Even if you don’t have a world-changing idea currently developing, it’s better to dedicate your spare moments to the things that matter rather than learning entire courses that prove to be useless once you’ve graduated.

The difference in payment 

When it comes down to facts and figures, your back-up plan should be the best it can be. With a college degree you secure a different yearly payment for your career and thus access to a better lifestyle than you’d otherwise have to experience.

If the average payment of an individual that does not hold a higher education degree revolves around the $30,000 per year marker, your diploma will bring that up by as much as 50%. Starting at $45.000 isn’t bad after all, is it?

Furthermore, the career prospects are absolutely outstanding when compared to a high-school diploma. In just a few years you can easily reach the $60,000 per annum, whereas software engineers aim at the $90 – 100.000 marker without much effort.


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