Supporting Document Fees

Getting a degree online – tips

When you buy a degree from us you can also buy supporting documents. It is a good idea to purchase them in order to be able to prove the legality and authenticity of the degree in front of the colleagues and employers.

The prices of the supporting documents are listed below:

  • Transcript of records – USD$200
  • Sealed fo Transcript – USD$300
  • Student Record – USD$200
  • Graduation Letter – USD$120
  • Acceptance Letter or Admission Letter- USD$120
  • Reference Letters by Professors – USD$200 each
  • Appreciation Letters – USD$120
  • University Diploma Folder – USD$135
  • Student ID Card – USD$250
  • University Alumni Card – USD$250
  • Student Union Card / Student Association Card – USD$250
  • University Library Card – USD$250
  • Internship Letter from Company – USD$250
  • Internship Letter from University – USD$250
  • Graduation Gown – USD$550
  • Graduation Cap – USD$250
  • Graduation Hood – $USD150
  • Government Apostille – USD$800
  • Lawyer Certification and Legalization – USD$550
  • Embassy Legalization – USD$1250

How Much Does It Cost?

Premium degree provides only legal, accredited and verifiable university degrees, Premium Degree is the only reliable provider for accredited degree from different universities across the world.


Pursuing a degree today is not as easy a task as some people boast it to be. In fact, attending the courses of a traditional college and maintaining a full-time job simultaneously can be close to impossible. With this in mind, Universities and higher education institutions all over the world have started offering a service that is suited to the demands of the 21st century global job offer market –online education. Besides eliminating the inconvenience of re-locating or commuting costs, online learning reaches out to more individuals that are unable to obtain a degree otherwise. In this manner, both those who cannot afford the unreasonable taxes of college programs, as well as the ones who are too busy to fit yet another responsibility in their agenda can now get their university degree.

What program should you pursue?

When it comes to online education, the possibilities are even better than most traditional higher education institutions. From the humanities to hard sciences, engineering or even law, there is no curricular area left unattended. In this respect, you are now faced with an important choice, namely that of which program to pursue.

In case you’re already a worker, you might want to improve your current CV by adding a college degree related to your field of activity. This is not mandatory, as you can always chose to switch over to a different industry that might provide more satisfaction for yourself, either from a financial or a personal point of view. If your circumstances are similar to a starter, then the entire world is at your feet – literally.

Given the incredible amount of selections for your University diploma, you might want to sit back and carefully take a look at what each of them implies. Of course, the starting premise is the fact that you’d want to work in a field that is related to the degree program you’re pursuing, so that you can put that certificate to good use.

Establishing your goals

Probably the most difficult decision that is involved in getting a degree online is determining what you are out for. With a contoured finality in mind you can then research the degree options that are available out there. For instance, a CFO position requires a strong knowledge basis that comprises business, management and finance to begin with. Indeed, you won’t get it over night, but every step of the way takes you closer to fulfilling your goal.

The manner in which you achieve your mission is also important. Just how much of your time and finances are you willing to sacrifice in order to obtain a degree? Thankfully, online education has increased the flexibility and affordability of higher degree programs to such an extent that it became one of the most sought forms of learning.

Where you can get it from

Getting a degree online also involves choosing an institution or website that is going to provide you with your certificate. Different organizations view this process in various manners, having their personal approach to what online education actually means. In the event that you’re a very busy individual, who is aiming at a successful career, then we believe that our online degrees are the best choice.Specifically designed to answer the demands of a 21st century employee, we provide you with some of the most reliable and professional higher education diplomas, for just a fraction of their traditional cost.


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Premium degree provides Associate, Professional Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees to different people who need to prepare their career change, to find a new job and to get a job promotion. Premium degree is the only reliable provider for accredited degree from different universities.