Supporting Documents Specifications

What Master’s Degree should you get for your job ?

When you buy a degree from us, you can get the following supporting documents:

  • Transcripts that is your academic record which shows the courses taken, the grads received and the degree grad. They are printed on official university letterhead with monogram and security watermark.
  • Students Records contains personal information, graduation date and citizenship, signed by university in order to prove the authenticity.
  • Graduation Letter is written by the principal and is inviting you to join the graduation day
  • Acceptance Letter is the official acceptance letter indicating that you have been accepted to the university program. It will show the acceptance date and the major you will pursue
  • Reference Letter by Professor indicates your performance during courses and you can get one or more reference letters if you buy the degree from us.
  • Appreciation Letter is written by a professor and is indicating your community service, research and assistance to the university

Transcripts :

  • Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo and security watermark feature
  • Date issued
  • Date awarded degree
  • Student number
  • Student address
  • Curriculum
  • Course of Study
  • Course Code
  • Duration of study
  • Grade of each course
  • Credit of each course
  • Degree awarded
  • Grade point average
  • stamp and signed by university registrar
  • Back of transcripts
  • list all grading criteria and method
  • Description of grade and grade point average
  • Seals in Official university envelope with stamp

Appreciation Letter

  • Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead
  • Thank you message for research you have conducted
  • Thank you message for community service
  • Thank you message for helping the Faculty, Professor

Reference letter by professor:

  • Study, work and attitude reference by professor
  • Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
  • Signed by professor
  • Sealed in official university envelope

Student Record:

  •  Fine A4 paper with official logo letterhead
  •  Student name
  •  Student official address
  •  Date of birth
  •  Citizenship
  •  Level of degree
  •  Major of study
  •  Study period finished
  •  Graduation date
  •  Signed by university registrar
  •  Stamped by university registrar
  •  Sealed in official university envelope

Acceptance letter

  •  Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
  •  Acceptance date
  •  Respond date to the university ( official reply date )
  •  Message indicating your acceptance to the university and your major of study
  •  Signature by University registrar

Graduation Letter

  • Fine A4 paper with official University Logo letterhead
  • Student name
  • Official address
  • Graduation date
  • Graduation Message from University Chancellor
  • Signature by University Chancellor

How Much Does It Cost?

Premium degree provides only legal, accredited and verifiable university degrees, Premium Degree is the only reliable provider for accredited degree from different universities across the world.


Investing in your education is never a bad idea, especially since your background qualifications play a tremendous role whenever you find yourself in an employment situation. However, it is very important that you invest wisely, which means that you should choose the best form of education for you, as well as make sure that the degree you attain will be useful in your future career. Here is a guide to how you can determine the Master’s Degree suited for your job and therefore make the most of your purchase.

Look for compatibility

Naturally, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a degree is whether or not it is compatible with the profession you wish to enter. In this respect, you have to choices – you can opt for an MA degree that simply continues your BA training in the same field, or you could buy an MA in an adjacent field, so as to give you a better perspective of your every-day work situations. For instance, if you already have a BA in Business Management, you could consider getting an MA in Communications, Public Relations or even Information Technology. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve a directorial position in your company, you should opt for a BA in the field (for example, in Computer Science if you work with an IT company) and an MA in Management, which will guarantee that you are both proficient in your domain and that you can handle more significant responsibilities. Another illustration is if you you’re trained in one or two foreign languages and you wish to find a position with good prospects. In this case, you should opt for a Major such as International Studies, which will ensure that you can easily attain a job in a larger company or as a cultural advisor. 

Being a key employee in your company

As you probably already know, today’s employment market is highly competitive, which means that even if you have managed to secure a position, you always have to improve yourself in order to demonstrate that you are worth keeping around. This is usually done by becoming one of the key employees in your company, someone who is not only proficient in their profession, but who also has a larger perspective on the industry. In this respect, you resume and qualifications can mean a lot, especially if you regularly add relevant studies to your existing qualifications. 

Opt for an online MA course

Last but not least, you should also decide which method of education is best suited for you. For most people, this is usually some form of online schooling, since this offers a great deal more flexibility, both from a financial and time spent point of view. If you decide that online education is advantageous to your circumstances, then you can also pick between enlisting in an online degree program or directly purchasing your degree online. In either case, you can manage to save a lot of resources and therefore make the smartest, most efficient investment. In only a matter of weeks, you can become certified for any profession!


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